Friday, December 26, 2008

Shell Painting

Base shell completed with the roof space still to make. And special stands (wheeled shoe racks) make it much easier to work on the house. The idea of two separate sections is to allow the house to be 'folded' up. With a terraced house, the side walls are normally hidden and blank. I am hoping that by 'folding' the back section against the front, it will make for a more interesting external appearance to the model. Time will tell!! A picture might help too!!!

Peranakans' love bright, vibrant colours. I have gone for the colours used on the Neil Road house. The house restorers have done an extensive chemical analysis on the old layers of paint used on and in the house. The original exterior paint turned out to be this really bright blue and the inside walls were a pale powder blue. Besides these excellent reasons, blue is my favourite colour!! 6 coats to get the depth of colour.

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