Friday, March 13, 2009

Malaka Trip - Paranakan Hotel, Puri

The air well first floor shutters. 1/12th scale versions can be bought from House Works of America. The fresco's will be modelled using Chinese cake moulds.

Most of the doors were of the half type, if there was a door at all. The Parakan museum didn't allow me to take photos but most of the doorways on the ground floor had curtains not doors. Upstairs had this type of half door. Also windows on the internal walls upstairs had bars, opening shutters on the outside of the room and opening windows on the inside of the room. An inters ting feature was the secure stair well. Not only was there a gate at the top of the stairs but also a folding 'lid' to cap the stair opening. Very ingenious and tells us something about the insecurity in Malaka at the time to house was built!!!

The underside of a tiled roof. Most of the tiles seen were angular, not parts of circles. Phew, makes modelling them much easier. But going to need a lot making. Dare not workout how many.

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