Thursday, December 3, 2009

Air well.

The stairs banisters are finished as are the louvered shutters.

The shutters have had 5 coats of paint!!! Could not make up my mind on the colours, see. And what with the fiddly hinges and tiny screws, this will probably turn out to be the longest single job on the whole project. To be fair, I did decide to glue two shutters back to back to make them look right. As supplied the louvers are only cut on one side. Not good enough for this project!! This meant waiting for my mates Ruth and Richard to bring me in extra supplies from the UK. Hinges I got from Diaso. They are parts in bonzi garden furniture. T'was a lot cheaper than getting them from a miniature supplier, even if I have ended up with 18 sets of sling doors!!!. Needed 36 individual hinges and 72 tiny screws. I made a simple template to cut the hinge recesses so that if the louvers are taken off at anytime there will be no problem matching louver to the right fame.

All the shutters open!!!! But the effect is worth the effort, I think.

Gek did the art work for me. absolutely hopeless when it comes to colouring in!! Love this fish. All the plaster works look great.

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