Friday, April 9, 2010

 The front porch and veranda will have to be made removable otherwise I would not be able to move the completed house around the apartment.  It wouldn't go through the doors ways!!  Door and shutters are from House Works.  Some shutters with louvres will have to be made.

 The next task is to decide where the lights and sockets are to be in the house.  It is much, much easier to lay down the copper tracks are this early stage in construction than later on.  We have put in more tracks  than we are likely to use for that reason.  The B & W house has more electrics than the Shophouse,  and we are including wall sockets for stand and table lamps.

We using a partial the ring-main approach.  All the lights and floor level sockets are to be independently switchable from a switch box in the roof space.  Routing the copper strips has taken a little thought and we have triple checked that there are no shorts or non-connections.  Putting these mistakes right later in the construction could prove difficult.

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