Thursday, July 26, 2012

New Project - Modular Shophouse.


The quintessentially Malaysian/Singaporean version of a shop house is a very versatile building.  Can be a general goods store or a workshop or a car repair shop or a restaurant or a posh rich man's house. The ground floor can be an art gallery with the upstairs the artist's home.  All these I have seen in the peninsular.  The shop house is always long and thin, with air wells along it's length every 20 or 30 feet or so.  Why modular?

Well, I had the idea that by joining additional mid sections,  you can create a house as long as you like, whilst it will always be 15 inches wide.

You can also place it against a wall without losing any design detailing.  The back of the model is a plain wall.  The 'front' can  be fitted with 'doors' with windows as can be seen on the real end-of terrace shop houses.

The shortest model could be just the front, a starting point from which the model could extended.  The interior can be in the modelers gift, including walls, layout etc.

The card model is a proofing for the design.  Detail drawings already done for the front section. But the proofing build will have to wait for our return from our NZ trip.  Hopefully in April.

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