Sunday, January 25, 2009

Penang Finds.

A gift shop in Burma Road had some old miniature stock. Selection of foods on plates, teapot and cups etc. Eagerly bought by us!! I lost count of the shops we dived in and out of looking for suitable things to buy. This shop was our last hope. Bingo.

A good find was this screen .

The Chinese characters relate to prosperity.

And now the house has real guardians.

Very fierce. Craved in stone, they are perfect protectors. Follow this link for info on the Chinese Lion.

Six cranes. We thought we could use these in the houses external decoration. Animals and particularly birds and bats often figure in the plaster motifs that cover the houses.

Kuan Yu. Our houses diety. He is a warrior form the time of the Three Kingdoms. He features in the recent Red Cliff. Very tough guy. Mind you, we will need to find a more fitting alter for him to inhabit.

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